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The Ornate Oracle is a spiritual and clairvoyant practitioner who utilises a range of tools and techniques to provide guidance and healing. Always warm and positive, the Ornate Oracle can provide you with the help needed to face any obstacles ahead.

About Us

The Ornate Oracle is a welcoming online crystal store that provides high-quality crystals from Madagascar, Brazil, Russia and other parts of the world. Additionally, we provide readings and guidance to all our clients to help them on their journey in life.

The Ornate Oracle is a sister-duo who come from a long line of spiritual advisors and healers. Their gift has been passed on through generations - what they provide is a natural ability not necessarily taught but an insight that enables them to help and enlighten others.

Always positive and upbeat, we love to help others and are grateful to have found our path in life....

The Ornate Oracle - Illustration of Nada


Owner / Crystals

A natural crystal lover, Nada has used her abilities to further other clients businesses for many years, and now she begins her own venture, finding her groove in life and bringing her gifts to many more clients. She also brings plenty of positive energy to everyone she meets.

The Ornate Oracle - Illustration of Radha


Oracle / Readings

Radha has been providing readings since she was a small girl and enjoys helping and sharing her gift with others. Wise and candid, her hidden talent is reading coffee, a very rare skill that has garnered her many loving clients.

Come Visit Us

We know that sometimes it can be a bit scary ordering crystals online, and you just need to see and feel the crystals for yourself. Or maybe you need some face-to-face time with a real person, to talk about why you need a crystal and what you specifically want help with. If that's the case then never fear, come and visit our beautiful shop in Burleigh Heads on the sunny Gold Coast to see our crystals with your own eyes. Our store is calm, cozy & peaceful, and appointment-only so you can have the space to yourself to really take your time and choose the pieces you need.