Emerald Tumbled


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Well known and one of the four classified 'precious gemstones', Emerald is not only a beauty in appearance but also carries some valuable energy properties as well. It is often forgotten that Emerald is still technically a crystal and thus has some wonderful uses apart from looking shiny while mounted on beautiful (and expensive) jewellery.

Emerald is the crystal of the heart, as it connects to energies related to compassion and universal love. In this way, Emerald's great strength lies in opening up the heart, reminding it to be vulnerable and accepting of what may come. It will also help promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Emerald gently disarms you, helping to remind you that it's okay to let people in.

Emerald is also strongly linked to rebirth, bringing in a new Spring of clean refreshed energy, and has been considered a lucky symbol of wealth across many cultures over the centuries.


Country of Origin:  Brazil