Pyrite Tumbled


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Pyrite is one of our favourite crystals here at The Ornate Oracle, and one that has helped us in huge ways. Typically referred to as 'fool's gold' because of its appearance when it was first mined, we found nothing foolish about Pyrite at all. It is a highly charged crystal, brimming with intense passionate energy, and has one of the more interesting histories among crystals, being used as far back as Ancient Greece supposedly by Aristotle himself and later by Da Vinci directly for its more physical properties. Regardless, Pyrite is a complex crystal, growing in amazing cuboid shapes, that gravitates towards some of the amazing thinkers and artists among us and has proven an incredibly useful tool.

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that is closely linked to your fire chakra, the sacral area of your body where emotions linked to desires and motivations are stored. Pyrite helps to ignite any stagnant energy, lighting a fire under your backside and compelling you to move into action. It's also extremely handy for the creative types among us, helping to bring out any suppressed skills or talents. And during those lack-lustre times - whether it's writers-block or a general lack of inspiration - Pyrite acts as literal flint for thought, sparking ideas and imagination.

Due it's highly positive and continually burning nature Pyrite is also handy for repelling negative energy of any kind. Placing a beautiful piece of Pyrite in the home or workspace will keep out fear, doubt and lethargy, and ultimately help bring in greater luck and prosperity.

NOTE: As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and we should point out how important it is that you handle your Pyrite with care. Pyrite is a form of iron-sulphide, with a special bond combining both mineral and chemical elements. It's named after the Greek word for fire, 'pyr', in some respects could be seen as liquid fire made solid and much like an actual flame should be handled properly, so needless to say common-sense is required. Do not cleanse your Pyrite in water, as the combination of water and oxidisation can release the arsenic within. Wearing it against skin is also not advised, as the moisture and humidity from your body may cause it to break down. If you're holding or using your piece to activate or work with chakras do so for a limited amount of time, washing your hands after any extended handling of the crystal.

Pyrite is simply incredible but it is best looked at and situated nearby rather than being handled. Even though this crystal looks amazing and definitely falls in to that "ooh shiny" category, we encourage all our customers to remember both the physical as well as the spiritual effects of the crystals, and to use them safely.


Country of Origin: Peru