Rose Quartz Unicorns

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6cm high, 4cm wide, 1cm deep, 39g
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Rose Quartz is known as the 'crystal of love'! Love makes the world go around, it draws you in and attracts fans in both females and males. Its pink hue reminds me of fairy floss and musk sticks... sweet and very visually appetising!

Rose Quartz is unconditional love, self-love, family, platonic and romantic love. It has a high energy level that can enhance love in virtually any situation. It will bring happiness, warmth and emotional health. Rose Quartz will strengthen you to deal with personal trauma and stress and aids during grieving or mourning. It helps with depression, insomnia and can be good to have when experiencing reproductive issues. It promotes bonding between a mother and child, a truly great crystal during pregnancy.

Rose Quartz stimulates intellect and imagination, it is an excellent crystal to have when you are starting a new business or project. It will attract good luck, take it with you when going for job interviews, presentations, buying a car, house or business space, or a decision that may potentially change your life.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar