Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled


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We like to think of Snowflake Obsidian as the gentle little sister to the more stern big brother of your regular Obsidian (you can read more about the amazing aspects of Obsidian here). Snowflake Obsidian also deals with the truths in life, but while regular Obsidian looks outward at all the external parts (like "Am I in the right career?", or "Should I put an offer on that house?", or "Did I mean to put on those flannel cut-offs this morning?"), Snowflake Obsidian looks inward, putting a spotlight on and gently bringing up how you honestly feel about things that may have happened in the past and have long since been buried inside.

Just like it's big brother counterpart Snowflake Obsidian is a strong - and sometimes necessary - crystal to use, but is far gentler in it's approach. Fused with spherulites (a type of quartz) while forming, these forms of Obsidian are less glassy, their effect being somewhat more diluted than the regular variety, and far more easy on the average crystal user. There is a flip-side to this though - while simpler to use than the regular kind, Snowflake Obsidian is capable of dredging up some pretty powerful emotions that have been locked away, making the experience even more intense and cathartic than expected.

Snowflake Obsidian is all about releasing the past. Snowflake Obsidian urges you to look inside, deep inside, at what traumas or hurts or just pent-up feelings you haven't let out in some time - if at all - and answer how you truly feel about them. While it's nice to have the absolute black-and-white answers of regular Obsidian, to just look at the wider world outside, sometimes we need to peer within, and that can be hard - 'things' might have a simple yes/no answer, but how we feel about those 'things' isn't always so black and white or simple to express.

Luckily, Snowflake Obsidian helps you release those emotions in a healthy manner. Leave it by your bedside table sparingly and don't be surprised if you wake up inexplicably feeling like you need to cry, or like a weight has been lifted. Using this crystal is an excellent first step in letting go of your past.


Country of Origin:  Brazil