Agate Geode - Solo Piece #6


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown. The wooden stand is included and is separate to the piece shown. This piece also has considerable deposits of both Amethyst and Clear Quartz inside.
20cm high, 16cm wide, 5cm deep, 1.73kg

Sometimes, even in the world of crystal users we occasionally find ourselves adrift, far away from what we set out to do for the day, or just completely and utterly lost in the hustle and bustle or trying to make sense of this crazy world. Sometimes we simply become overwhelmed by everything - by what we’re supposed to do, or what we’re supposed to be, and even the best energy practitioner can find themselves in an utter tizzy trying to find a familiar port of call to get back to, to find some kind of ground beneath their feet that they know, that they can find their footing with again. It’s in those times, that we feel there is no better crystal out there to use than trusty old Agate.

Agate is - or at least should be - a familiar one at first glance. It is a crystal that literally forms in almost every single mineral deposit on the planet. It’s everywhere. In many ways, Agate really is the crystal of the earth, more so than others that re-tie you to the planets’ roots. And it is these deep ties to the earth that make Agate one of the most stabilising and balancing crystals you will ever use. It has an energy signature that is ‘low-and-slow’, with a lower frequency that feels a lot like a hum or a reduced heartbeat, and in turn it is a crystal that mirrors that in its users, urging you to match its tempo, to really try and slow down and take your time. The reason Agate has such a stabilising effect is because in many cases it is the base for other crystals and minerals to grow from. Much like the matrix in your fingernails or your hair follicles that are the base for all your re-growth, Agate behaves like a foundation, like the ‘code’ that built you up to begin with. When you are lost or you’re having trouble finding that base that gives you a familiar strength or sure-footing Agate acts like an anchor that helps re-find your center.

Needless to say, Agate is an invaluable crystal to use for people who are stressed, or in a state of internal chaos, like they just don’t feel themselves. And that can be during times when you have psyched yourself out, or likewise when you suspect someone else has managed to get inside your head and has rattled you. During times of really low or particularly negative thought patterns - whether directed at yourself or outwards at others - Agate brings you back to a calm state, soothing the mind and helping you see things a little clearer, with just a smidge more wisdom. In some ways, Agate is fantastic for just getting you back to your ‘factory settings’, for resetting. At our core - in our early days at least - we’re beings of strength, and unconditional love, and Agate helps us feel the courage to get back to that original form. It pushes us to let go of whatever fixations that are keeping us in an unstable state, and get back to being unified loving beings. Ultimately this is the real power of Agate - it balances all things close to it, the Ying & Yang, your positive and negative natures, making sure that one never overcomes the other, to never let emotions like bitterness or anger dominate your path in life. It re-stabilises your aura, resetting all harmful and negative frequencies in and around you back to a positive and more stable vibration.
Agate exudes such strength, and it is a crystal that can reinstate a sense of confidence in us all, but it does so with a very unassuming power, with a quiet and extremely slow nature. And because of it’s calm slowed-down style, Agate is a crystal that inspires and also requires patience, it is not a crystal to be used in haste but carried or worn regularly, a consistent reminder to get back to your foundations.

[NOTE: We should quickly touch on the fact that we’re talking about the base variety of Agate here, and recognise that there are many, many other varieties of Agate out there, like Flower Agate or Black & White (Orca) Agate, both of which we commonly have in our store and absolutely adore. While the above is a description of the core values of an Agate, you should know that each of the other Agate varieties have their own certain additional properties, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to explore them all!]

Agate is a steady and sturdy crystal, an all-over supportive one that just knows what’s best for you. Whether you just want a little calm in your life, or you want to open your mind up to greater wisdoms and conduct more intensive spiritual work, Agate has your back. It is a crystal that may take time to adjust to, but that you will eventually find brings great abundance to all the aspects of your life. So for those of us who have those days where we feel like we're lost, or we're not sure who to be anymore, just remember, Agate is your best port of call.


Country of Origin: Brazil