Amazonite Raw


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Amazonite, the beauty queen of the crystal world, is an ancient and powerful stone with a varied and rich history behind it. Known not only for its looks but its many healing properties, Amazonite has been nicknamed the 'crystal of hope' for its ability to bring on more self-nurturing and self-loving emotions, helping you to become a more honest and optimistic version of yourself. So it's Superman basically, minus the cape and boots and giant 'S'.

Like most blue/green coloured crystals Amazonite is closely linked to the throat chakra, helping you to verbalise your feelings in a positive manner. It encourages good old-fashioned honest communication. In particular, Amazonite is great for pushing you to let go of the things being held deep inside, to clear away fuzzy or disconnected thoughts that are preventing you from being truly honest with yourself and others around you. It is a crystal of truth, but also of courage, and of being empowered.

Amazonite isn't exclusive to the throat chakra however, working closely with the heart also, making sure that one is not outweighed by the other, balancing your Ying and Yang energies. It ultimately harmonises them, allowing you to appreciate yourself and others for who we all are, allowing more universal love into your life. Amazonite also affects the third eye chakra, opening the mind and unleashing intuition. It will guide you to achieve greater success and abundance in your efforts throughout life.

Because of it's nature Amazonite is also great for people with addictive personalities, who just can't let go of things; for those night-owls who stay up thinking too much and need their sleep; for the fortune hunters who are awaiting their success but are getting in their own way; and for the stress-heads, who need a helping hand with their immune and nervous systems. In other words, we think this crystal is for all of us!


NOTE: Do not cleanse your Amazonite crystal in water as it may change chemical composition (due to it being a lead-based crystal), best to cleanse in direct sunlight, moonlight or via other cleansing methods.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar