Apatite Bracelets


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Apatite - a crystal you stare into for long periods of time, like being lost in the eyes of a dreamboat or swimming in a blue/teal ocean of the Adriatic....WOW! Its teal colour is truly mesmerising and hypnotising! 

This crystal is a calcium phosphate and quite a rare Tourmaline variety. It is a crystal of manifestation, it will show you how to turn ideas into reality and get the results you desire. Apatite will restore the balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and chakras. It is an excellent crystal for communication, helping you express yourself and sometimes hold back when needed. It is fantastic to use on your throat chakra during these times. Apatite will boost your creativity, imagination and intellect.

Apatite will also help with focus and concentration and aid with mental confusion, giving you a clearer mind to facilitate quick, effective and efficient learning. Apatite can also increase the metabolic rate by improving digestion. It can help in suppressing hunger, in balancing the nervous system and improving the body’s coordination. If you're frustrated from having to hold in a conversation you just don't want to have, or are unable to verbalise your feelings, then hold a piece of Apatite against your throat chakra to clear the energy (best to use daily until it subsides).


Country of Origin:  Madagascar