Apophyllite Raw - Solo Piece #1


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
5cm high, 11cm wide, 8cm deep, 240g

Some crystals sparkle brightly, like fresh snow, catching the eye before you even know their name or uses. Other crystals pull us in with some inexplicable energy, even if they don’t look like much more than a muddy stone. Apophyllite is an exceptional crystal that manages to do both, dazzling us with both its beauty and its feel, and will have you cupping a piece in your hands before you even learn how to pronounce its name (it’s ‘a-po-fill-lite’ by the way).

Apophyllite is strong both in the physical and metaphysical sense, a special crystal when compared to most because of its particularly high water content. Unlike some crystals like Aquamarine or Chrysocolla - both amazing in their own right, but are water-based, or linked to the element of water - Apophyllite comes from the Zeolite family of gemstones, where the higher levels of water molecules inside flow freely in and out of the crystal. They block larger elements out, often being used for filtration or cleansing in products like detergents, purifiers and medical tools. Apophyllite stands out as a purer version of a Zeolite, having far fewer chemicals bonded (such as Aluminium), and as such is an excellent conductor of human energies and vibrations. It is less about the tides or oceans that affect us, but the water within that makes all of us up, the life force that binds us on many levels, constantly flowing in and out.

Because of its strong connection with the lifeblood in us all Apophyllite is first and foremost great for growth. It promotes real growth, of the spiritual, not the material or the ‘things’ you cling to or think are important. Things deteriorate, the body fades - but the spirit persists. Apophyllite is used to remember that. It is invaluable for helping to suspend your beliefs, to see past your basic or clouded perception of things, past the physical, compelling you to recognise the wondrous and almost magical aspects out there that life provides, even in the simplest of things. In this way Apophyllite can really help when you’re discouraged with yourself, if you feel like you’re still not becoming the person you want to be - not the person with the car or riches, but the actual person underneath. Apophyllite is also closely linked to the Heart Chakra, and will allow a greater flow for suppressed emotions or fears and anxieties to be released. It’s flowing shapeless energy is great for transferring vibrations and correcting imbalances, when you suffer mental blockages or begin to pick up negative thought patterns, moving your emotions from one place to another. When used in force Apophyllite can literally act like a king-tide, boosting inner healing and health, propelling you to use your full potential and abilities to achieve whatever fortune or abundance you really want.

Apophyllite is one of those unique crystals that really highlights the connection between your physical and spiritual self. In a time where isolation has led to more and more introspection this crystal has begun to find a larger audience of late. It has been a lifeline for many when they really want to get back to their roots or what’s important to them. Alternatively for others Apophyllite has given just the right amount of zest and enthusiasm injected back into their life when it was needed most. For households, a piece placed in a center or living room can dispel surrounding negativity, infusing family members with a greater sense of happiness and peace. And the more intense solo practitioners applying Apophyllite to the Crown Chakra will find their intuition is brought to crazy levels, helping them receive insight and guidance almost as if they were directly connected to their spirit guides or guardians beyond. Whatever the level of user, Apophyllite has the ability to help you step past the skin of things, to get back in touch with what’s really important, what’s underneath and enduring, and to see what we’re typically searching for most is usually right in front of us.


Country of Origin:  India.