Carnelian Tumbled

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Carnelian is a colourful fiery quartz of a Chalcedony variety. It will help to ground and anchor you to reality (at some stage in life we all need a reality check!).

It has a strong protective energy and is stabilising. It can protect you and your relationship against jealousy, anger, fear and resentment and also other emotional problems. Carnelian brings peace and serenity, and it will promote love and friendship. When you put Carnelian at your front door, it will invite more prosperity and abundance into your home.

Closely linked to your fire chakra, Carnelian is also great for bringing out hidden or suppressed talents. It is perfect for women who work in the arts or have passions in other creative fields such as dance, music or drama. Several well-known singers use Carnelian before performing to battle stage fright and promote confidence (Adele is one - who would think she’s lacking in this department!). Carnelian rocks!

With a warm circulatory energy Carnelian is also useful for aiding in any reproductive issue, increasing fertility and blood-flow.


Country of Origin: Tumbled samples are from Brazil