Celestite Tumbled

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Celestite - the crystal sent from the Angels above! The legend of Celestite is that an Angel fell from Heaven and grabbed a piece of the sky and clouds with them, forming Celestite where they fell to provide protection to mankind. Myths aside, this crystal is heavily linked to your guardian angel, and having a piece of Celestite in the home will call upon your own guardian angel for protection. Every family should have a piece of Celestite in each room where people sleep, as a calming and protective energy.

The divine energy of Celestite cannot be understated, it is an extremely soothing and uplifting crystal that provides a sense of being watched over by a caring custodian. Celestite is also a wonderful crystal for psychic healing and letting go of unwanted negative emotions. It is also best used as a focus point for meditation, prayer and awareness. The spiritual benefits of this crystal are amazing, reminding us that when we feel like we don't have all the answers, someone out there is watching out for and guiding us in the right direction.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar