Chrysocolla Hearts


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In many ways, Chrysocolla has a stronger link to the element of water than it’s more popular counter-parts, the ugly-duckling to crystals like Aquamarine or Moonstone. And while it may not always appear appealing - with it’s seemingly volatile mix of petrol greens and caustic coloured speckles - Chrysocolla is a deceptively powerful crystal.

Chrysocolla is all about flow. Much like the tide going in, then going out, this crystal is used to help find a harmony within so that you can ultimately find balance. All things in nature have an antithesis, an opposite, and balance is sometimes misunderstood as an absence of the things we don’t like, but in truth balance is learning to both accept and let go of the opposites in our lives, to take the good and the bad. Chrysocolla can be used to help regulate that balance, particularly if you’re feeling distressed, fearful, anxious or in despair. It works closely with both the throat and heart chakra, reconnecting voice with emotions to make sure the words are never stuck. It helps to ensure a smooth flow when we really need to express ourselves, to breathe our worries out, and let their counter-point breathe in.

For this reason Chrysocolla also proves really handy when fighting stagnation. Use this crystal when you’re stuck physically, or need motivation of a sort, to help stir the waters inside and get you up and moving. Great for students and kids who just don’t want to get up in the morning. And on the flip-side it can help when you’re agitated, or restless, when you're already moving too much - great for relationships and homes, to promote a sense of contentment and happiness, for the need to be still and simply enjoy the moment. Chrysocolla also tends to have a curious gravity towards hermits, to those of us who prefer our own company and to be on our own. It can help balance the sense of isolation that comes with that #lonerlife, of looking inward and being (maybe a little too) meditative.

Chrysocolla is ultimately a crystal of hope, of remembering that there’s always a ying to a yang, of a brighter tomorrow. It’s a great crystal for balancing energy of all kind in your life, and one we know you’ll come to appreciate deeply, ugly duckling feathers and all.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar