Green Onyx Pyramid - Solo Piece #2


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
10cm high, 10cm wide, 10cm deep, 1.09kg

As anyone who has visited our shop on the sunny Gold Coast can tell you, we love our green crystals. We literally can't get enough of the colour. From Fluorite to Aventurine, Green Opal, to Garnierite, green crystals are a huuuuge favourite of ours. So it should come as no surprise then that when we first laid eyes on these stunning samples of Green Onyx there was only one thought in our mind: "Must. Have."
Green Onyx fell into The Ornate Oracle family by surprise almost a year ago, but we felt it have an immediate impact the minute it arrived. It changed things for us, for the better, and we know it is a crystal that can help make the same positive change for you all too.

To begin with, from a strictly geological point of view (because we know you 'rock hounds' will pull us up on this) these samples of Onyx are from Pakistan, in the Balochistan region, where they have developed as a form of calcium carbonate and are really more of a banded Calcite, rather than pure Onyx which typically forms as a variety of Agate. As such, some might argue that they're not really 'onyx' at all, but have just been stuck with the name, much like Mexican Onyx has. Regardless of their name, these pieces have grown into crystals in their own right and exhibit properties and an energy signature much like an older, denser crystal, similar to something like Agate. Much of this has to do with the area in West Pakistan where these Onyx originate from, producing calcites with a much stronger chemical bond that appear more like solid stone rather than crumbly calcites (see our description of Caribbean Calcite here for a good example).

So with all that being said, what is this form of Onyx good for then?
The first thing that should be pointed out is that all forms of this Pakistan Onyx have one definite recurring theme - to help better understand your karma, or why things keep happening to you the way that they do. The path one takes in life can change at any point, and will most definitely be filled with various kinds of bumps in the road. These Onyx crystals will first and foremost help to recenter you back on your path, or alternatively keep on it when the road gets tough.

In the case of Green Onyx we have something quite specific, it being a crystal that pushes you to really maintain the pace and momentum on your path in life once you've found it. Green Onyx is something you would use when you know what you want to do in life, what you want out of it, but you keep hitting obstacles, or you face problems that threaten to derail you off your current track. It is a crystal that encourages endurance, to keep running the race and really push through barriers and reach your goals. Needless to say, Green Onyx is a crystal that heavily influences the desire to succeed, to achieve, and it shares a close relationship to other extremely lucky crystals that help to bring about material wealth, like Aventurine, or Garnierite.
What Green Onyx does more so than these other crystals is to bring about a greater sense of discipline. It reminds us to use both our emotions and our intelligence, never forgetting one over the other. It works closely with the Heart Chakra, settling emotions like fear and doubt, and has a stronger ability to calm emotions than other 'lucky' crystals, so the mind can have a better shot at figuring a way around your problems. And there is always a solution to your problems - it's just that most of the time we don't realise we are actually the ones that are in the way. Green Onyx is a peculiar crystal in that it does what many other similar crystals can't - it helps you establish a perfect heart-brain balance. It will help you to go with the flow more, to just let go and trust your inner nature without thinking about it too much, nor becoming too stressed if things don't work out exactly as planned. The key here is that real success flows from not resisting the things that work for you, instead of wasting energy on the things that don't, becoming more frustrated and disheartened in the process. In other words it makes sure that nothing stands in your way, not even your own silly self.
So you didn't land the job you wanted? So you didn't get the car loan you were after? So you have to work from home in your pyjamas a little longer?? So what?!
Green Onyx will help remind you that none of that matters. As long as the intent is there, and you stick to your path, Green Onyx will help push you towards that ultimate success while still being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Green Onyx was a real surprise for us. It came into our lives at the end of a lockdown, when we were forced to close our shop for some time. We had only just started to gain momentum and finally find our flow with our business, and returned with a lot of trepidation and uncertainty, not really sure if we even had a business to run anymore. But from the minute it sat on our table we just knew that the pandemic wasn't going to stop us. Our Green Onyx compelled us, it drove us to not stop. And we didn't, we haven't since. Even with all of the craziness continuing around us we resiliently went from strength to strength, just sticking with what we knew best and working in the same positive helpful way we always have. Green Onyx ended up being a godsend for us. It will be one for you too.


Country of Origin:  Pakistan