Indigo Gabbro Orb - Solo Piece #1


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown. Stand not included.
5cm diameter, 210g

Dark but intriguing in appearance, Indigo Gabbro is a bit of an undiscovered gem (pun intended) among collectors and has become a family favourite with us here at The Ornate Oracle. The reason perhaps that Indigo Gabbro has remained hidden is that it tends to unveil the darkest side of yourself. While it does promote quick thinking and action, it also forces you to consider your past memories and old patterns you’ve kept hidden away, helping you to deal with changes that are happening now in your life.

This crystal is great for giving an instant reality check (which let's be honest, we all need to do once in a while). Indigo Gabbro will help you to realise that the blame game is not working for you anymore and that maybe you need take a good look at yourself and make changes for the better. Needless to say, this particular crystal has been extremely handy for dealing with teenage sons! In the end it’s a crystal we all need in our lives and one that will help us on our own journeys. Life itself can be harsh and difficult at times, but with Indigo Gabbro by your side you can be the best 'you' there is. There is no sugar coating with this crystal, just honesty and a positive path.

Indigo Gabbro also has a strong healing power, it supports immunity, and can help to heal infections, fevers, bruising and sprains. It gives emotional support, especially if you have a strong and dominating personality. It is essentially a crystal that gives you the reality-check you need to mend your ways.


Country of Origin: Madagascar