Labradorite Palm Stones


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Labradorite - or as we often say when holding this piece, ”I have the power!”. This simply amazing crystal is a mystical one, used in centuries past to awaken your magical or psychic abilities, and to widely open up your third eye.

Labradorite also opens your mind up to what your path in life is, helping to guide you when working on projects that require creativity and clarity of the mind. It helps cleanse the body of toxins and is great for preventing good energy from leaking, clearing and sealing your aura. For women, it helps address hormonal imbalances, heart conditions and is effective in lowering your blood pressure. Also great for the digestive system and regulating the metabolism. I have a piece that I wear to work most days, and it makes me feel empowered, like I’m Wonder Woman.

Another major benefit of Labradorite is that it greatly boosts intuition, and will help to warn you about people in your life who are not to be trusted. Likewise, this intuition spreads to work and projects that should be shelved, helps with your professional life, and everyday challenges that will come up in business operations. It will equip you with what you need to be successful in your field. It gives you the gift of personal strength, self confidence, inspiration and perseverance!

Labradorite has a beautiful colour variation to it, sometimes called a flash, similar to Opal (which it is sometimes confused for), and can reflect a gorgeous colour range of green, blue, yellow and red (and I finally have one for myself in purple, a super rare variety!). This is one of the favourite crystals among The Ornate Oracle family.


Country of Origin: Madagascar