Lapis Lazuli Orbs


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Of the literal thousands of crystals grown on this rich earth none has a deeper history than Lapis Lazuli. Dating as far back as 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, when it was crushed into a powder and applied as makeup around the eyes; to the Renaissance period of the 1500’s when it was used to create the cerulean blue colour of the Sistine Chapel, and every colour since to represent the Virgin Mary; to the 17-1800’s when it was highly valued for its use in various sculptures and other artworks, captivating both scholars and seers alike who were drawn to its compelling energy. Since then Lapis Lazuli has firmly cemented itself as crystal of royalty, a powerful and elegant gemstone whose colours and qualities many have tried to replicate.

And much like its history - constantly intertwined with the arts and the deeper meaning beneath the veneer - Lapis is connected to an energy signature that looks deep within. It works with us to help bring a meditative calmness, of peace, to attune yourself with emotions that help keep the inner waters still - to see into our past actions, our future decisions, we need the waters flat, glassy, without ripples, and Lapis Lazuli can help achieve that. It helps to kick-start your third eye, acting as a catalyst that will allow you to go deep. Like, waaaaay deep (Lapis is known to help you see into your past lives). Because of this Lapis tends to be a highly meditative stone, that primarily brings emotional healing, to help you let go of any past pain, hurts or trauma that you may still be holding on to. It helps us to see the bigger picture, that we’re more than just our current wounds and scars, and that with some wisdom and a little understanding we can be so much more.

Lapis Lazuli will generally tend to gravitate to the critical thinkers among us - the writers, the journalists or psychologists - who need help with problem solving, intellectual analysis or to just keep our mind clear of emotional or psychic attacks. When you’re short on new ideas or want to start making better decisions, grab some Lapis. If you’re moody or impatient or just wish you could be a little nicer when your grumpy pants are on, then quietly resting and reflecting with Lapis may help you. Basically whenever life throws you challenges or people hurt you in a way that seem tricky to overcome, Lapis is your first best-friend for some peace and emotional stability.

Though many crystal and non-crystal lovers alike are probably aware of Lapis Lazuli and know it’s deep blue colours well, it’s unlikely that many have ever really used it to its full extent. It cannot be understated just how gifted and capable this beautiful crystal is. When you’re ready to have Lapis in your home and make use of it you’ll be astounded at just how enriching it will help your life become.


Country of Origin:  Afghanistan. These pieces have more Pyrite running through them (often mistaken for gold) and can help spark more of your primal instinct and intuition.