Lepidolite Tumbled

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Lepidolite is a natural purple wonder. It has been my saviour for anxiety, especially when dealing with large crowds at work, and has helped me to calm my stress levels and balance out my thoughts for clearer thinking. What is so amazing about this crystal is that it forms in Lithium mines, where it absorbs copious amounts of the chemical. Once worn on the skin or warmed up in your hands it releases the Lithium to help calm you, subdue anxiety and relieve stress.

Lepidolite helps during difficult times in life, especially times of change or mourning. It has a unique power to relieve emotional suffering, helping you to see the joys in life. Keep it beside your bed to promote calmer happier dreams. Lepidolite has a soothing energy to help those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, helps children with hyperactivity or ADHD. Lepidolite restores calm and balance in your life. I don’t leave the house without a piece of Lepidolite in my top, this has been one of my best discoveries! 

Country of Origin: These tumbled samples are from Madagascar