Ocean Jasper Tumbled


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Ocean Jasper - the crystal that attracts all kinds of positive and enriching energies, what a perfect magical combination!

Named after it's amazing connection with the ocean and forming only on the coasts of Madagascar, this highly collectible crystal symbolises everything to do with happiness and strength. Ocean Jasper will inspire you to overcome your challenges and remain positive despite the difficulties. It enhances your personal power, promotes healthy change, and helps you to remain patient (which I may be short of, no wonder I'm attracted to this crystal). It also helps to release anger and any emotional blockages, to confront problems head-on, but it also carries a great deal of joy, happiness and contentment.

Ocean Jasper can help the body's absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals, and is also great for the digestive system and nausea.

Each piece of Ocean Jasper is unique and contains all the colours of the rainbow, with many pieces filled with scattered druzy quartz inside them.


Country of Origin: Madagascar (these pieces are quite rare and are only found in Madagascar)