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Of the few decorative pieces we stock here at The Ornate Oracle none catch the eyes of people more than our glittering displays of Orgonite. With their arrangements of copper, crystals and symbolic plates all encased in a resin pyramid, Orgonites are a much sought-after item in the crystal collector's world. There have been many customers over the years - both seasoned and new to crystals alike - who become utterly transfixed by our dazzling Orgonites once they've laid eyes on them, and we are proud to finally bring them to our online store.

For those eager to know more about Orgonites and their significance, their origins trace all the way back to the early 1900's and the discovery of what was termed 'orgone energy' by Dr Wilhelm Reich, essentially being the electro-magnetic energy field or 'life force' emanating from our planet's core. Reich developed 'orgone boxes', that harnessed and shielded particular energy fields for its users. While his work on orgone energy was lost for some time, since then many orgone devices have been made, the chief of these being the pyramid shape with a conductive metal inside, typically copper or sometimes nickel. Thanks to the work of people like Mary Hardy, Dr Alexander Golod, and Patrick Flanagan, the use of pyramids to harness orgone energy has since become a wondrous practice. Quartz Crystals were added to this composition from the early 1980's for their strengthening and insulating properties, and soon after with it the addition of small decorative panels, usually representing a spiritual symbol of some kind for added protection and depth of energy.

The Orgonites supplied by The Ornate Oracle are more decorative in nature, with copper flakes instead of coils, they include a variety of crystals that aren't quartzite in nature, and will not shield you from EMF's the way some very specifically designed Orgonites will do (for more information on crystals that can do this, see our amazing Shungite collection). It is worth noting though that our Orgonites themselves greatly enhance the energy of the crystals inside, with a boosted feeling for both the user and the immediate vicinity, and have a distinctively positive and uplifting feeling about them. Not to forget, they're also visually stunning!

For more information on the fascinating and intriguing aspects of Orgonites check back in to our social media pages to view our videos discussing this amazing object and the incredible feeling it leaves our users with.