Pink Amethyst Heart #1

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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown. Stand is not included.
Dimensions (in stand):
13cm high, 16.5cm wide, 4.5cm deep, 1.42kg

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It's truly an exciting time when a 'new' crystal hits the market, or a crystal that few people have heard of before. It's a surprising treat that doesn't occur very often anymore - kind of like when your Mum pulled you out early from school one day and took you out to the movies. And naturally whenever we're gifted with such a surprise our first reaction is suspicion, as we ask "what's the catch?". And so it was when Pink Amethyst first emerged onto the scene back in 2019, when many collectors and customers alike all asked in our general direction, "is this real???".

So let's get the obvious question out of the way first, and the answer is yes. Yes, Pink Amethyst is a thing, and it is natural. With its musk-like colours and running rivets of sparkling druzy throughout, this NCOTB (that's New Crystal On The Block) is the real deal.
It first popped up in mid 2016, when there were listings on various geological community boards for samples picked up at trade shows that were being labelled as 'Pink Quartz', or 'Rose Amethyst' (you rockhounds and your naming conventions, I'll never understand). Samples were mostly coming out of southern Brazil, some small pockets were claimed to be seen as far as northern Italy and North America, but for the most part this new kind of Amethyst was being mined in Patagonia, Argentina. There has been much debate about the nature of this 'amethyst' and what it really is, but thanks to the work of Ana L. Rainoldi and her fellow researchers in their paper published in Mineralogical Record 51 in 2020, this material does have a very microcrystalline amethystine growth at its base, and can be confirmed as a very light pink amethyst (the dark/light colourations occur due to levels of Hematite that have snuck their way in). So it was coined with the name Pink Amethyst since then by the people of Patagonia, and it has since stuck. Moving on....

Now that we have the nerd stuff out of the way, let's talk about what Pink Amethyst can do for you. Since most crystal collectors know what Amethyst is - or does - it's no surprise that Pink Amethyst is also immediately connected to the higher chakras, particularly the Third Eye. However, this version of Amethyst has a twist - it is much more strongly connected to the heart, and is one of the few (in our experience at least) deceptively strong Heart Chakra crystals. The insight inspired by this amethyst-ine crystal is not so 'open-ended' as the regular version, it doesn't open the third eye outward in every which direction, but instead gently urges you to peer inward, to look with a detached view at the emotions and feelings still swimming inside from past hurts.
Pink Amethyst helps to see the love that already resides inside, but is forgotten. The love you had when you were a child. When it was unconditional and without regret. It is a very high-vibrating one for balancing these old and original feelings with the ones you have now, to release any negative connotations you might still carry from past experiences, and to see them in a new light. Pink Amethyst will provide a great comfort in times of grieving, when the feeling of loss is overwhelming, and emotional control seems impossible. It truly connects and strengthens the bond between the spirit and the heart.
It is also really handy for those of you in relationships, or even just close partnerships. Pink Amethyst has more of lean towards feminine energy, and can help to foster peace and tranquility between partners, to let go of doubt and worry and remember what made them work so well together to begin with.

We were right on to the Pink Amethyst train when it rolled in to our market stall back in 2019. It sold out in a matter of days, and we were prudent enough to keep a rather stunning piece for ourselves. In the time we spent with it, learning more and more about its nature and how it was affecting the way we feel, the more we realised just how magnificently unique and indispensable this crystal is. It changed a lot for us, and personally I find it the best comfort within reach when I have memories of the past pop up that still hurt. We are so overjoyed to have Pink Amethyst back in our store and can't wait to share it, we know it will aid you all just as it did for us.


Country of Origin: Patagonia, Argentina