Red Jasper Unicorn - Solo Piece #1


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
6cm high, 4cm wide, 1cm deep, 39g

Depending on who you ask, Red Jasper is considered to be the oldest crystal recorded being used in human history. Thanks to recent finds in the deserts of Kalahari we know humans ‘used’ crystals in some way or form as far back as almost 100,000 years ago. Red Jasper pops up somewhere around the 6000-year-ago mark, with samples of it found with buried warriors in ancient Mesopotamia. It appears again in ancient Egypt some 2000 to 3000 years later, often buried with, or used by wearers as a form of protection against death. And from there it makes its way to the Bible, to Welsh and Germanic legends, and even Native Americans, where it is recorded in every case as being ‘the blood of the earth’, a source for combating adversity. No matter where or when Red Jasper appears in history one common connection is clear - this crystal is a fightin’ stone!

A bit of a second-cousin-removed from the regular Jasper family, Red Jasper stands out as being different due its straight and consistent colour, something that never really happens in Jasper forms. While still being a member of the quartzite group of Jaspers, Red Jasper is a unique form of chalcedony with an unusually high level of iron (thus its intense red colour). And like most other crystals consisting of high levels of iron (think Fire Quartz, which you can view here), Red Jasper boosts all emotions and energies relating to willpower. It is a strong crystal that promotes strength, and determination, linked to more masculine practices but honouring its feminine source. And while all Jaspers in their various forms are used to get you back to your default state - Polychrome/Desert Jasper in a gentle way, Ocean Jasper in a joyous way - Red Jasper gets you there in a much more assertive, and dare we say aggressive way.

Connected almost exclusively with the Root Chakra, Red Jasper pushes you to regain your base, to find your footing and begin taking control of your life. It can feel quite sobering to use or have nearby, and gravitates to those of us who have suffered some severe form of trauma, either emotional or in particular those who have been part of or been witness to physical trauma. In many ways Red Jasper is still very much a warrior’s stone. In modern terms it’s for those who have lost that fighting spirit, or the will to fight back and remove themselves from tough or abusive situations. Red Jasper is also great as a general tonic for apathy of any kind, if you have shied away from the world or retreated, and need a good kick in the butt to get back out there again. Wear Red Jasper close, in the pocket or bra for example, as a constant reminder of this. Slower consistent use of Red Jasper, say as an accompaniment on your bedside table, will help to re-instil lost feelings of self-confidence and a desire to get a little joy back in your life.

Like a lot of crystals finding their way to us in early 2021, Red Jasper is another that is ultimately about being able to let go of the past, or what’s holding you there at any rate. But it is a much tougher tool to use in hand, an ally, and one we have found to be SO handy when you need to fight for that peace and happiness you know you deserve. There are times when we need reminding that to get out of a funk or to reach that place in the sun we need to fight for it, we need to take it, that it won’t be given to us. And when we finally come to that crossroad and we’re ready to make a move, you’ll be grateful that Red Jasper is the companion in your corner.


Country of Origin:  Brazil