Septarian Heart - Solo Piece #1

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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown. Stand is not included.
8cm high, 4cm wide, 8.5cm deep, 386g
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Septarian is a dragon within itself. Literally, it's nickname is Dragon Stone. This very special crystal is formed on sea-beds as a mud-ball that splits into seven different points and radiates in all directions, which gives it contrasting and distinctive dragon-skin patterns.

If you're looking for balance in life you have found it in Septarian. It helps to connect the mind, body and spirit, promoting harmony between all so you're better prepared to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace. Closely linked to the throat chakra, Septarian aids in communication. It will also give you strength during moments of weakness, helping to release negative energy that may be clouding your judgement.

Septarian proves extremely useful when used in times of crisis. When under stress, hold Septarian for a period of time to keep you calm and collected.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar