Shungite Orb & Plate Sets

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Shungite is a wonder crystal from Russia, though it may also be from outer space, and full disclosure right now, we have not been able to stop raving about it (in fact you're probably going to want us to shut up about it!). Since discovering Shungite for ourselves during our first year it has blown our minds, and it's no surprise that this amazing crystal has started to gain more attention throughout the greater Western world these past few years.

Shungite forms in only one place in the world, the area of Karelia, in what was known as the older parts of White Russia. Scientific dating puts it as being over 2 billion years old, though how it formed and where it came from exactly are still somewhat of a mystery (recent theories suggest it is an older form of volcanic emission).

What makes Shungite stand apart from other equally potent crystals from the northern ends (that's right we're talking about you, Moldevite) is not so much its look, but the sheer buzz you feel from holding it - quite literally, Shungite is electro-conductive, one of its more unique properties. Allowing electricity to flow between materials Shungite has become a go-to for people looking to shield themselves from unwanted and potentially harmful energy from the many devices around us, as it has the ability to transmute electrical energy that passes through it.

But where Shungite's real power comes from is its ability to heal and utterly cleanse. Shungite is full of a particular form of Carbon called a Fullerene, named after the engineer who popularised their structure (Richard Buckminster Fuller) but not fully discovered until 1996 by a trio of chemists. When in close proximity to the body Fullerenes have a profound effect, promoting cellular regeneration (though not at Wolverine levels, sadly) and acting as an anti-inflammatory among other things. When inside a substance - such as blood, tissue, or water - the Fullerenes are able to target and eliminate unwanted cells, a phenomenon the greater medical community are looking at as the holy grail of medical science. Since its discovery in the early 16th century where it was soon used to treat things like scurvy and dysentery Shungite has become widely used throughout western Russia for its incredible healing properties, from hospitals with dedicated Shungite rooms, to homes utilising Shungite in their water filtration. The use of Elite Shungite - a lighter and much more potent version with higher levels of Fullerenes - has also proven very effective in treating other various ailments.

As a crystal lover, the use of Shungite cannot be understated. It is an extremely positive crystal, cleansing all surrounding energy of negativity or darkness. Meditating with Shungite is also useful for realigning misplaced energy, grounding you and getting you back to your original true self.


Country of Origin:  Karelia, Russia