Sodalite Bracelets


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Sodalite is a tricky crystal to paint a picture of as it’s not like many crystals you will ever come across or maybe use one day. It tends to fly under most people’s radar, or simply be mistaken for Lapis Lazuli (and full confession, we sometimes put them side-by-side just to mess with people). However it’s a crystal whose effects you tend to feel immediately, and here’s why - Sodalite works on the mind. That’s right, it’s a brain crystal!

While most crystals tend to work with us in ways that affect our emotions, with our connection to the energy surrounding us and those around us, Sodalite stimulates our thoughts and pushes you towards greater mental clarity. It helps to take distracting emotional blips off your radar, though not by simply negating them or just turning you into a cold soul-less robot. Instead it creates an unhindered flow between the mind and its associated chakra (crown, third eye), and your throat chakra, the one outlet or exhaust for any unexpressed emotions. It is a crystal of great communication, much like other blue hued crystals linked to expression, like Blue Calcite or Apatite. In Sodalite’s case it is not outward expression though, but inwards. It allows for clearer lines between the head, heart and throat, so one can better understand the other.

If you often wrestle between your heart and your head, unsure of whether to make the smart choice or the one you really desire, Sodalite is great for pointing out exactly which direction to take. It can help to quiet the mind, to allow smoother flow in your work, your creativity, in the things you want to focus on, greatly sharpening a scattered mind so you can reach your goals with greater success. As a side effect Sodalite also tends to greatly amplify your intuition, allow for better memory recall, and has a surprisingly calming effect on children suffering from varieties of ASD or focus issues. It’s also a great crystal to use when you have burning questions, big unanswered questions, when you feel an unrelenting drive for the truth.

Sodalite will let you finally use that big beautiful brain of yours (and help solve that really hard Sudoku puzzle), but it can do so much more. It’s known as the ‘poets stone’ for a reason - so you can reach your highest form of self-expression, helping to cancel out the mood swings holding you back, so you can finally have some damn emotional stability and just be.


Country of Origin:  Brazil