Black Onyx Pyramid - Solo Piece #2


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
10cm high, 10cm wide, 10cm deep, 987g

There is a running belief in the crystal world that black gemstones carry negative energies, or at the very least deal with the darker side of our emotions, and should be avoided or handled with great care. This stigma carries across to gemstones like Obsidian, Indigo Gabbro and even Tourmaline which is one of the greatest protections we could use. We've often been surprised at people's trepidation and concern when they ask us about using these crystals. In our experience, no crystal is good or bad, it usually comes down to a reflection of the person using it - it's not the tool, but the hand that wields it. Darker coloured crystals typically bring out what is deep inside us, or they force us to look inside, to really look in the mirror or the truth of our situations, and the truth... well it can hurt sometimes. It can be a little hard to swallow, and for some people that can be scary. To help overcome this needless worry of dark crystals we would like to introduce you to the beautiful Black Onyx. It won't bite, we promise.

To begin with, from a strictly geological point of view (because we know you 'rock hounds' will pull us up on this) these samples of Onyx are from Pakistan, in the Balochistan region, where they have developed as a form of calcium carbonate and are really more of a banded Calcite, rather than pure Onyx which typically forms as a variety of Agate. As such, some might argue that they're not really 'onyx' at all, but have just been stuck with the name, much like Mexican Onyx has. Regardless of their name, these pieces have grown into crystals in their own right and exhibit properties and an energy signature much like an older, denser crystal, similar to something like Agate. Much of this has to do with the area in West Pakistan where these Onyx originate from, producing calcites with a much stronger chemical bond that appear more like solid stone rather than crumbly calcites (see our description of Caribbean Calcite here for a good example).

So with all that being said, what is this form of Onyx good for then?
The first thing that should be pointed out is that all forms of this Pakistan Onyx have one definite recurring theme - to help better understand your karma, or why things keep happening to you the way that they do. The path one takes in life can change at any point, and will most definitely be filled with various kinds of bumps in the road. These Onyx crystals will first and foremost help to recenter you back on your path, or alternatively keep on it when the road gets tough.

In the case of Black Onyx we have a crystal that is for resetting your karma, when you need to completely start over on your path in life. Black Onyx is for those of us who have already lived a life, maybe two, and have come to the realisation that it isn't working out, that if you really want to get where you want then things are going to have to change. Much like other dark crystals like Obsidian - or Indigo Gabbro in particular - Black Onyx will first push you to truly take a good look at yourself, albeit in a much gentler way. Maybe you've done some good in your life, maybe some bad? Maybe you loved, maybe you hurt people? None of that matters, you can still reset your path, it is possible to move forward. And to do that we must realise we can't just be one of those things - everything in life is about balance. This is where the core of Black Onyx's influence works. To remind us that to find a solid footing again we have to realise that life is about give and take, that ultimately we only get out what we put back in. Black Onyx helps us to see the Ying & Yang of it all, the ebb and flow between all things, the male & female, the light & dark.
For many people, and in many ways we don't always come to the realisation that we're on the wrong path until we've actually done the wrong things. Some of us start our journeys in the dark before finding the light in other words. Black Onyx has a knack of showing us or highlighting to us where our imbalances have lied, where we've made choices that changed the course of our personal story. It is a crystal that pushes better decision making, better self-control, and ultimately better awareness of the effect your choices are having on those around you. Some people call that empathy - you know, that weird thing when you actually acknowledge how someone else feels [insert eye-roll emoji here]. Likewise though Black Onyx also has the ability to highlight those around you who aren't very sympathetic to others, who crash through life not really caring about who gets caught in the crossfire. Having Black Onyx close-by or in your own personal space will keep you disciplined around people like this, to see that they offer nothing but chaos, and will help you formulate more constructive ways to resolve situations that disrupt your path. It can help mend ties you may have (carelessly) previously broken, or reunite others torn apart by reckless actions. Black Onyx will continue to work in this way the longer it is in place in your life, helping you to find ultimate rooting in your path. With enough time it will help you to see your real inner self, who you really are at your soul level, and that you have a real destiny all of your own.

We have been using black crystals for a long while now, since our humble beginnings really, and they have never steered us wrong. When we have needed answers or direction, we used them and took whatever guidance or truth they offered us. Sure, it wasn't always pretty, sometimes the truth can be a little rough, sometimes it can be hard to swallow. But since when has 'truth' ever been the same thing as 'bad' or 'negative'? If you can't be real with yourself then how can you ever be real with others? We welcomed Black Onyx into our family and found it to be a great starting point for keeping it real. It's not as blunt as other black crystals, and it really is a great way to wipe the karmic slate clean. And why shouldn't you be allowed to start over, to try again? No one can ever truly judge us or know our whole story, and at the end of each day we're usually our own harshest critics. Ultimately, having any kind of black crystal - even one like Black Onyx - offers you the highest levels of protection in your life, especially against yourself. And that's not so scary a thing to have around now is it?


Country of Origin:  Pakistan