Black Tourmaline Raw


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Black Tourmaline walks among the pantheon of gladiator crystals that are forged in volcanic fires, strong crystals both in physical and metaphysical nature. And believe us when we say Tourmaline is no joke - it is not single but the collection and union of many different crystals in one, appearing in almost every colour of the spectrum, forming one super-crystal. It is literally the Voltron of the crystal world. And much like that defender of the universe Black Tourmaline is a highly protective crystal, one that you will come to find you cannot live without.

The source of Black Tourmaline’s power derives from its ability to transform one form of energy into another. In a purely physical sense Tourmalines are known as being both pyroelectric and piezoelectric - if they are put under enough kinetic or thermo pressure they will convert it to an electrical energy, producing a charge, and are sometimes used as a component in pressure gauges. When it comes to people, it can take dark, or ‘dense’ energy, and can transform - or rather transmute - it into clean purified emotional energy. As a result keeping Black Tourmaline around tends to create a kind of fence around those using it, a definite line in the sand that negative and particularly toxic energies cannot cross. Because of it’s highly cleansing nature Black Tourmaline also tends to be incredibly healthy for the body and mind, bringing back any lost sense of strength, happiness, optimism, or the general need to have greater friends or people in your life.

Needless to say Black Tourmaline is a must for any times you need protection, especially from those pesky, whiney, critical, negative, ‘emotional vampires’ you may encounter. It’s garnered the nickname of the ‘traveller’s stone’ and can be a great piece to take with you on any long travels, when you don’t know what to encounter. It can also help do an internal cleanse, if you have any counter-productive habits or have a little bit of an obsessive personality. Black Tourmaline is great for disconnecting from self-obsessive behaviour and getting back to just loving yourself for who you are.

Like any good boxer will tell you, always protect yourself. As a crystal user Black Tourmaline is your first line of defence from harmful emotional assailants, and an absolute must-have. Take it with you wherever you go. It’s got your back.

NOTE: Pair with Selenite for a boost, both crystals complement each other and act as a house protection pack. Place it in corners around your home (in window sills) for maximum effect. Wear on the left side of your body for more immediate work with yourself. Have close by to bedside for a particularly restful sleep or to protect against psychic attacks.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar