Black & White Agate Palm Stones


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These particular forms of Agate that grow in Madagascar have a very distinct look about them. Not only are they black and white in colour, many pieces contain an Agate eye, similar to an evil eye, or Mati eye. Do you ever have that feeling that somebody's watching you? Well you will definitely have that vibe with one of these amazing pieces around you. These Black & White Agate pieces are a form of Chalcedony and are often found in layers of lining inside geodes. A pure Agate is white, grey, or blue-grey (or as they are named here - their current standard name - Black & White Agate).

The feeling from these pieces is astounding, providing a strong, stabilising energy which influences you to build better, more lasting connections with people. When Black & White Agate is placed on the heart chakra it helps to heal the over-emotional side of us that prevents the acceptance of love from others. If you are in the habit of letting your emotions get the better of you or just find them yo-yo-ing up and down very often, then this crystal will help you focus and maintain a calm composure. Black & White Agate is also extremely useful for children, especially those suffering from stress due to study or schoolwork.

A beautiful and distinct crystal Black & White Agate is a new favourite here at The Ornate Oracle.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar