Blue Calcite Palm Stones

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Blue Calcite is such a beautiful blue shade, like the sky and clouds combined, very angelic and heavenly.

We tend to see Blue Calcite as energy soap, or toothpaste, not only in appearance but because it is a beautiful cleanser that takes negative energy and converts it to a positive one. It has the power to gently fan away toxic energies that may be sticking to you. Place a piece in your home living area or in an office environment for a calmer and wide-spread effect.

This is one of our best sellers, and has worked wonders for us especially during family gatherings with nagging relatives (thank goodness!). If you’re looking for a calmer energy for your home or office, Blue Calcite is the perfect crystal to help with that. Warning: throwing this crystal at someone who is carrying bad energy is not recommended (we wouldn’t want to hurt the crystal!). Just let it work its magic and cleanse daily if placing in a work environment. 

Blue Calcite is also a crystal that is very healing, helping with recovery and communication. Great for developing psychic abilities - place over you third eye, and if wanting to enhance your communication skills in day to day life, place over your throat (chakra).


Country of Origin: Madagascar