Caribbean Calcite Star - Solo Piece #1

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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
11cm high, 11.5cm wide, 2.3cm deep, 428g

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Caribbean Calcite created an unprecedented buzz in the crystal world after it was discovered in late 2019. It went viral in a matter of days, and left crystal lovers the world over drooling for samples that were mostly unobtainable thanks to delays in shipments (just another thing we can thank Covid for, amiright). A literal brand-new crystal - which almost never happens anymore - Caribbean Calcite is exciting for a number of reasons: it looks like an edible bath bomb, has a soft soothing feel about it, and kicks with a surprising power and focused energy not normally seen in most calcites. Needless to say we were determined to have this crystal in our store, and have spent the better part of the pandemic year hunting it down.

Physically speaking, Caribbean Calcite is a softer crystal found only in Pakistan, where one lucky family now mines and cuts all samples themselves. Pakistan is known for its pastel coloured calcites more than its quartzes, with stunning samples like Mango Calcite and Green Onyx (of which we will have samples of online soon). Caribbean Calcite is a unique union of both Blue Calcite (Pakistan’s Sky Blue variation) and Aragonite, both cousins of sorts in the Calcite family. It has crevices and smaller fissures like a regular Calcite would, but feels sturdier and less crumbly than denser samples like Celestite. In the hand it feels like a soft but very stable crystal.

Metaphysically speaking, it’s another story….

[NOTE: Full disclaimer, it should be said straight away that one of the more exciting aspects of analysing a brand new crystal is that it’s all… brand new(!), and there is still a lot that is unknown. What we know so far is the basic information provided by suppliers as well as the feedback, events and insight experienced by The Ornate Oracle team and several of our close clients after spending some studious time with this crystal.]

While there is still a lot to be learnt about what exactly Caribbean Calcite is doing to nearby users, there are a couple of things that are immediately noticeable. The first is an overwhelming sense of ease - an almost pulsing sense that everything is calm and still, that everything is going to be alright. The second is a curious push to the higher chakras, the crown and particularly the third-eye. This crystal sets off our spidey-tingles in a big way. The energy is more intense than expected, but for good reason - Caribbean Calcite purges. While the Aragonite typically urges us to look deep within, the Blue Calcite acts as a detergent of sorts (you can read more about Blue Calcite being the soap of the crystal world on our page here). You might say that the Aragonite opens us up, and the Blue Calcite cleans whatever it finds inside. The result is that this crystal greatly helps you to be clear of attachments, specifically to let go of the past, to look toward your future and never look back. It pushes you to also let go of fears, to release excess energy, to center yourself and silence your mind, to really see the bigger picture. Having Caribbean Calcite around these past few weeks has been like having your own bottled therapist, packed in one gorgeous looking crystal.

But Caribbean Calcite is more than just the sum of its parts, more than just the two crystals combined. Its presence feels like it completely awakens your mind, your body, and your spirit, like a much needed splash of cool water on the face. Intuition is also greatly opened up. Insights into other's behaviours (as well as some of your own), and general psychic abilities feel heightened. It becomes clearer when it’s needed to cut cords with some people, to leave them in your dust. It also helps stir up some very crazy dreams, with many of us using this crystal experiencing extremely vivid dreams where we’re facing or looking at elements from the past. You may need to remove Caribbean Calcite from the bedroom if this persists. For all this power Caribbean Calcite also has a surprisingly calming energy that you immediately notice lowering your stress and anxiety levels - even just looking at it puts me at peace.

What Caribbean Calcite is exactly may not be precisely known, but it’s clear that it is an entirely new and much needed breath of fresh air in these times. It’s an extremely stabilising crystal that balances you and helps provide an uncluttered view of your immediate reality. And much like the cool waves on a remote sandy beach, it works on us in strong but quiet ways - it pushes and pulls, it straightens but unwinds, it heightens yet calms, it’s strict but gentle. Being around Caribbean Calcite does tend to put the past into greater perspective, but it also seems to reminds us that what was behind was all just momentum to push us towards what could be a better future ahead.


Country of Origin:  Pakistan