Cats Eye Tumbled


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Let's get this out of the way right now: Cat's Eye is not much to look at. A dull grey in colour, this crystal gets overlooked many a time, just like most nerds at a high school dance might. BUT guys and girls, as Adam Sandler once pointed out, never underestimate nerds, as they make the best kissers!

In much the same way Cat's Eye is often overlooked and under-appreciated. It brings in a crazy amount of prosperity and luck into your life, especially your business. Whether you are starting a new business or have a long established one, it will help to generate great energy and luck for any enterprise of your own. A rare kind of Chatoyancy, place a piece of Cat's Eye in your till, on top of any paper-work or documentation that have to do with money, loans or other business dealings to bring in financial stability.

Cat's Eye's power comes from its ability to link with energies that are associated with decision-making. Similar to Citrine, it gives a strong sense of self-determination, but with a much finer sense of clarity and focus.

Road-blocks with your new start-up? Keep Cat's Eye close and the path to choose to find your way around becomes clearer. Having trouble staying focused and keeping your eye on the prize? Cat's Eye will help remind you to stay disciplined and to concentrate when it counts. It is a crystal that helps ensure professional success. It also greatly enhances memory, learning ability, and helps broaden your perspectives.


Country of Origin: Brazil