Tigers Eye Tumbled


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Tigers Eye - the modern cure for any shade thrown your way.

In centuries past when a supposed curse was thrown at you, you would carry a Tigers Eye amulet of some kind to ward off the bad joo-joo. In a modern equivalent, when other people are jealous, unhappy with their lot, or just plain don't like you for some unbeknownst reason, Tigers Eye is worn or held close to absorb the ill intent sent your way.

Tigers Eye is a natural form of non-harmful asbestos, amazingly grown to absorb all manner of toxic energies, and in the process increase your vitality and strength. It likewise works internally, pointing inwards and helping to remove anything that might be obscuring your well-being, such as fear, shame or pride.

Also useful when travelling on long journeys, and is considered a crystal that can invite good fortune (i.e. 'show me the money!'), abundance and prosperity in life. Tigers Eye is great must-have crystal to keep you motivated and help you to achieve your biggest dreams.


Country of Origin:  These tumbled samples are from Brazil