Citrine Tumbled


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Citrine - glorious in colour, glorious in benefits! It’s the Midas Touch of crystals, turning all of your dreams, goals and businesses into gold over time or instantaneously! 

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for attaining personal virtues and for self-improvement. It also aids in self-healing. Citrine will give you inspiration and drive and increase your energy. Citrine carries the power of the sun, and therefore helps you to feel sunny and cheery again. Citrine crystals give energy to the body and enhance electrical impulses and the nervous system. It is known as the success or 'money' crystal because it will manifest success and abundance in your business and career.

Citrine is one of the only few crystals that are self-cleansing. It doesn’t need to be cleansed all the time but if used very frequently then cleanse when required. It also cleanses other crystals naturally when placed together. Citrine is fantastic to use for children who have trouble sleeping (place a Citrine pebble under your child’s pillow or in their pillow case, it works especially well with boys!). Citrine has a very calming, warm energy and to date is one of my all-time favourite crystals.


Country of Origin:  Tumbled samples are from Brazil