Moss Agate Butterfly Display #1

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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
25cm wide, 17cm high (26cm with stand), 1cm deep, 843g
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It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that the world is a little crazy at the moment. At least, crazier than usual (as of writing this mid 2024). More often these days we're approached by customers or people just wanting to chat, about the state of the world, the cost of living, or the increasing aggression in their neighbouring humans. We've sensed - and witnessed - a larger number of people being overwhelmed with the modern world, with it all being too much, and our advice each time is simple, but not always that obvious: unplug. Leave your tech behind, get outside and find a quiet sunny spot, feel your feet on the grass, and just unplug from the chaotic world around you. Clear your mind and your soul of all the noise, get back to your roots, and just reconnect with the real earth. Or alternatively, if you're looking for a crystal to help do the same thing, then look no further than stunning Moss Agate.

In truth not really an Agate at all, but closer to a Chalcedony (or better yet a Quartz really), Moss Agate feels more akin to a piece of Ocean Jasper, with an energy that is immediate. Agates have a strong but lumbering energy (see our description here), whereas Moss Agate feels... awake, almost wreathed when in your hand, and this distinction is important. Moss Agate is also tempered specifically through volcanic rock, a truly unique growth of Chalcedony that ends up with an inclusion of other minerals such as chlorite and hornblende but also - and most importantly - water. It is a crystal that forms almost everywhere around the planet, from Madagascar to Switzerland, from India to right here in Australia. It has also been used in a variety of cultures throughout history, ranging from Ancient Egypt through to the Middle Ages in the UK, from Tibetan Monks all the way over to Native Americans in the US. It is truly a gemstone of the world, clearly forged by the world itself for those living in it, and serves as a highly useful crystal when we forget what that really means.

Moss Agate has a dual connection to both the Heart and Root Chakras. It encourages a release of love, easily so, particularly for the smaller and simpler things that create it, the things that bring you simple joys in life. But it also clears the emotions stopping this simplicity - the desire for the material, for the things you convince yourself matter, or that you're forced to feel you can't live without. It is a crystal that reminds us that we are the only one in charge of our lives, and we must rid ourselves of stresses to live it fully. Having Moss Agate consistently close with you increases the realisation that you are doing too much and need to take a step back and start looking after yourself.
This starts with a greater appreciation for the things you already have, and a keener sight of the things you don't really need, the things that are really stopping you from having a full and rich life. Much like Clear Quartz, Moss Agate is also programmable, and can be used to set clearer intentions and help visualise what you want. With regular mediation and use (or you know, just finding a nice grassy patch and sitting down) you will begin to let go of fear much more easily. Fear of 'not having', or having your creature comforts taken away, will all fade, and instead be replaced by increased levels of confidence, self-esteem, optimism and creativity. Moss Agate will deliver a much needed harmony to users who feel too caught up in the modern world, with what's the latest on social media or how much they're making at work this week, and replace that claustrophobic habit with a confidence that even if things are not going well right now that everything will work out ok when the timing is right.
When it comes to the where and how of using Moss Agate, wearing pieces in jewellery or in your bag (for the ladies, in the bra, as close to the heart as you can), and when laying down or just chilling pop a piece on your chest/heart to help accelerate emotional healing of any particularly stubborn hurts or worries that persist in hanging around. For use around the home, pieces in the northern corner of your abode will help balance energies of growth and stability, making a home feel more secure. For growth of the more financial kind, place Moss Agate pieces in the western-most corner of your home to stimulate energies connected to wealth and prosperity.
Moss Agate also helps remind the body of what it is to be in its natural, healthy, default state, when we forget what it's like not to have to fight off illnesses. It helps promote the body's natural anti-inflammatory responses and improves energy circulation systems. It can also be an aid in digestion, helping the metabolism resume regular functions, and also helps to boost the lymphatic/immune system. With regular use of Moss Agate, the desire to continue unhealthy habits or even damaging addictions can also be greatly lessened.

Moss Agate is one of the most powerfully grounding crystals that will not only help to reconnect you with the earth and its energy, but also with the real 'you', especially when the world feels too much and emotions have taken over, or you simply forgot the simple things that really bring you joy. When you're looking for a new beginning, or a better understanding of your own spirit, it will help remind you of the things that really matter, see you enhancing friendships and compatibility with others. And when you need that boost of luck or prosperity, it will help to remain calm and not just react with your heart, instead making decisions that ultimately see you grow and succeed. Moss Agate is a crystal that is for dreaming big while being grounded in yourself, it's a gift from nature that essentially keeps on giving, and one we highly recommend you give yourself.


Country of Origin: Madagascar