Obsidian Hearts


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Working like a dark mirror that will allow you to see deep into your life - all your bad choices, your wins, and the paths laid ahead - Obsidian is a sometimes misunderstood crystal, seen as not much more than 'black' and with negative connotations. The truth is that Obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals in use, a real favourite here at The Ornate Oracle, and has ironically found itself emulated throughout popular culture for many years - think a Palantir from Lord of the Rings, or Dragonglass for you Game of Thrones fans.

Forming when lava and water collide fiercely, not allowing for any unnecessary particles to remain, the outcome is this simple but beautiful black volcanic glass, a perfect balance between the opposites of existence - cold & hot, fast & slow, light and dark. Obsidian is a natural representation of truths of all kinds - things either exist, or they don't. Because of this Obsidian is somewhat binary in nature, with no grey areas, acting as a truth-teller that shows you if something 'is' or it 'isn't'. In that respect Obsidian can be a little blunt at times - if we're being completely honest - giving it to you straight without regard to your feelings. But sometimes the truth hurts, and may be the reason why some people find this crystal a little affronting at times.

But if you're determined to get your life on track then you'll want Obsidian in your corner without a doubt. Obsidian reveals many secrets about your actions, your friends, family, your work and all other external aspects of life. Meditating with Obsidian and just asking aloud the questions you need answered can guide you in a positive way to see what everyone is really all about. Obsidian is also extremely lucky when it comes to wealth, as it has the ability to convert bad choices and decisions to better ones.

Needless to say, whatever your stance on dark crystals, this is one that you should never be without.


Country of Origin:  Brazil