Rhodonite Hearts

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Love. Everybody needs it, and almost everybody is looking for it. We write books and poems about it, we study it, try to better understand it. We even sing about it, a lot. Steve Winwood pretty much nailed it with his song Higher Love - "without it, life is wasted time". But what is a higher form of love, what is real love, and can we ever really reach it? Well, Rhodonite is here to answer all your questions.

Originally discovered in Russia in the late 1700's and then later made their national stone in the early 1900's (we get it, you love your crystals Russia, you already have Shungite, give us a break), Rhodonite is a crystal that is almost immediately identifiable with it's deep pink hues sometimes laced with black webbing throughout. It is sometimes confused with Rhodochrosite, a very similar pink-hued crystal, and while both are part of the manganese family one is a silicate while the other a carbonate - basically Rhodochrosite is the big sister that doesn't get as much attention. It's the manganese inside that's interesting though. While forming Rhodonite it becomes exposed to oxygen and essentially creates two different formations - one hard and black and the other soft and pink, both parts created from the one mineral. This is in part why Rhodonite is considered a 'double heart chakra' crystal, one that establishes good heart balance first, so it can heal properly, and then secondly helps the heart flourish as it was meant to.

Rhodonite is much more strongly bonded to the heart and to love than other crystals you may be more familiar with, like Rose Quartz. While Rose is a greatly accessible crystal for re-igniting the emotion of love it's more for the young, or those learning about love. If Rose Quartz is the child version of such a crystal, then consider Rhodonite the adult, the more mature one that deals with real, truly deep love. Not romantic love, but the kind of love that emits for almost any life on our planet. It may not even be for a person, it could be for your animals, or food, or your craft, for whatever drives you, or gets you out of bed in the morning. Rhodonite inspires true unconditional love.
As a result, using Rhodonite after a period will begin to heal old emotional scars, and better yet to see past transgressions of the heart in a new light, to consider both sides of your previous experiences. It will help you to realise that to truly heal you first require acceptance and forgiveness, to look outward and not only inwards. It will help remove stuck emotions of resentment or anger, anything that's blocking you from feeling any love at all. And when you've finally rid yourself of those pesky pains holding you back, Rhodonite will greatly help you with your relationships - whether they be current or future, with friends or family. It will help you make better decisions about who you want in your life, what choices you would like to make for yourself, and more importantly to finally gain solid stability in your relationships. Rhodonite will help you to be strong but still open with all matters of the heart. Think of it as tonic for 'heart health'.
And the importance of the heart cannot be understated. Think of it not as some wishy-washy emoticon used to denote your feelings about that special someone, but as the all-powerful electro-magnet sitting right in your centre, creating a field that intersects and overlaps with all of life itself. Rhodonite is an excellent crystal to use not only to heal this device we call the heart, but to unblock your creative forces, drop defensive barriers, and fully unlock your potential to connect with the greater world around you.

Deep down every person wants to be loved, even the scary people (especially the scary ones). And as anyone that's ever been fully and completely loved knows, once you have that feeling you find a fire and a fervour inside like nothing in this world can stop you. Rhodonite inspires its users to feel the same. To feel bolstered when you're down, to feel strong and healthy when your immune is low, to feel prepared and balanced enough to take on any emotional assailant. Rhodonite will help you grow your love, but more importantly, to love with purpose.


Country of Origin: Madagascar