Selenite Tumbled


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For the crystal aficionados out there Selenite is a pretty familiar gemstone, one you can guarantee every collector has a piece of somewhere. And for the energetically woke, Selenite isn't just another piece for the collection - it's a valuable tool, a literal weapon even for spiritual warriors who actively seek out to find their higher selves. In fact if you go back some 5000 years or so through history you'll find that Selenite was often used by priests and sages as a means of fighting back against spiritual demons, replacing sicknesses of the soul with pure light. Whatever your use for this crystal, one thing all owners agree on is that having a piece of Selenite is like being able to physically hold daylight right in the palm of your hand.

Selenite is especially unique in the crystal world, despite being commonly found in almost every country worldwide, chiefly because of its ability to insulate heat and light in a way almost no other crystal can. It's the light in particular that is interesting. Some people come to know about Selenite's ability to play with light and create optical illusions, where flat objects appear on the surface of the crystal rather than through it (giving it the nickname of the 'TV Crystal'), but from all outward appearances Selenite seems to somehow 'trap', or retain light. And it's this ability to give light an almost physical container that's at the heart of Selenite's power. With a wand of this crystal in hand you can feel it practically cut through a darkened area, like of ray of sunshine piercing through a gap in the clouds. At its core this is what Selenite does - it turns the lights on, opens up the curtains, and let's light flood in so that all things that were fuzzy or out of your view now become clear. It can clear away unwanted energy, not just the negative kind, but essentially any energy that is not yours or just simply doesn't belong there anymore. It can be absolutely fantastic for environments, when there is heavy ambient energy that's getting in the way of you feeling like your usual self. Selenite is in essence a pure, innocent crystal - it is attuned to the greater good that exists in us all (even if we don't see it all the time).

On a closer and more personal level, Selenite can really help balance and stabilise individuals, especially when we're suffering from lower emotions, feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, or any other niggling suggestions that you're lacking. If you're finding you can't escape these feelings of negativity even in your dreams, Selenite by your bedside helps to ease nightmares and troubled sleep, and brings an amazing sense of calm when kept close-by or meditated with. We've often said that Selenite is like the ultimate chill-out crystal, it just refuses to let you worry. This also has an effect on the body, with regular Selenite users noticing their immune system being bolstered, the calming emotions having an effect on their overall health and well-being.
Because of its constant radiance and urging to only ever look upward, Selenite also pushes you to wake up a little, to see with far greater clarity all the things you may have missed. Sure, there are days when you just want to keep a bag over your head, but if you've ever had a sense that someone was watching you, or you were confused about how something happened, or were maybe too pre-occupied with the superficial things in life - and yes, damn, those new MacBook Pros look sweet - Selenite makes things 'crystal' clear (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Few other crystals really open up the higher chakras the way Selenite does, almost uncorking your Crown Chakra to really see the soul of everything around you, to find answers and have the clarity you're seeking. It is also a highly protective crystal - literally nothing is allowed to hide in the shadows or attack you from nearby when Selenite illuminates a space, and can be especially useful placed in corners of window sills (pairs particularly well with Tourmaline, making a house-protection combo, see our write up here for more information). And as those who have visited our store for some 'baby whispering' will attest, Selenite is one of the three main crystals that can greatly help with pregnancy and keeping Mum & Bub nice and calm and safe.

[NOTE: We should quickly touch on the topic of using Selenite to cleanse other crystals, since it is something many people ask about, whether you're a regular or new user in the crystal world. Selenite does indeed have the ability to affect and charge other crystals, this being the result of its ability to almost 'store' pure light, and if you do intend to use Selenite this way - charging plates are great but really any piece will do the trick - be sure to place your crystals either touching or immediately next to your Selenite. Having your crystals at some distance from your Selenite will greatly reduce this ability. Most important of all, don't forget to still cleanse and charge your Selenite! While it does retain a lot of light and heat it still needs some good old fashioned sunlight from time to time. Think of your Selenite piece like a back-up battery pack for your phone - they're great for when you need a top-up, but eventually they will need to be re-charged too.]

Despite its simple appearance and singular colour Selenite is secretly an echelon-tier crystal. It does so much for us and opens us up to even more that after a while you begin suspecting it's your own little guardian angel taken shape. It protects us... shows us the things we don't need... it helps us see answers we're looking for... it keeps us calm... it helps us sleep better... we're pretty sure it chases away the boogeyman when we're not looking... and it pushes us to stop worrying about how we look and just get on with growing into a better person! If you already have a piece of Selenite of your own, then you already know what we're talking about. And if you don't have a Selenite of your own, then get to it and find your piece, find your own personal protector, hold it close and discover for yourself that daylight is yours to command.


Country of Origin: Morocco


Cleansing: Use sound (singing bowl, chime recordings), or direct light (sunlight/moonlight) for approx. 10-15mins. No water, as it will discolour and eventually dissolve the crystal.