Green Opal Heart - Solo Piece #1


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This crystal is a one-off piece and is sold exactly as shown.
13cm high, 14cm wide, 4cm deep, 1.21kg

Lime green in colour - who knew fluro green would make a huge comeback from the 80's! - and fully energised, Green Opal is a wonder crystal that will connect you to a healing and cleansing energy unlike any you've felt before. It has a rejuvenating and nurturing nature full of beautiful earth energies.

Green Opal is known for being extremely energising and uplifting, nourishing the body, mind, heart and soul, and gently urges you to make changes to increase your overall happiness. It also helps boost mental acuity, enhancing both awareness and problem solving skills. It is also very beneficial for the immune system, helping to detoxify, and allows the user to better understand their nutritional needs. Green Opal can also aid in balancing body temperature, especially when fighting against colds and flus.

It is a crystal that is also very useful for meditation, as Green Opal also promotes a grounding, relaxing and centering energy. Also very handy for dream recall.


Country of Origin:  Madagascar