Tigers Eye Zodiac Medallions

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For those in the know with their crystals, Tigers Eye is a must-have. It's one of those crystals you never leave the house without. For others, a more symbolic link to their Zodiac star-sign is needed, a reminder of who they are in the cosmos, and what they are capable of.

So we here at The Ornate Oracle came up with a compromise between the two - presenting our Tigers Eye Zodiac Medallions. These solid pieces of Tigers Eye are each beautifully carved with a unique design representing all of the twelve Zodiac houses, with a smooth polished back. These pieces have become a favourite at our market stall and we're thrilled to finally present them to our online community.

And if you're in need of a catch-up on what makes Tigers Eye such a perfect choice for an astrological carving, head on over to any one of our Tigers Eye product pages here.


Country of Origin: India